India Launches Nothing Ear (1) For Rs. 5999, Design

Nothing Ear (1) is a smartwatch with a hybrid watch. This might sound a bit long. Let us break it down. The smartwatch features a hybrid watch, which is a combination of a smartwatch and a smartwatch. The hybrid smartwatch is the part of the smartwatch with a hybrid smartwatch. The hybrid smartwatch, which is a hybrid smartwatch, is the hybrid smartwatch.

Nothing Ear (1) is the original earbud. It allows you to connect to your phone through your ear and also lets you answer calls without having to take out your phone. Available in Black, Gold and Silver as well as Rose Gold, the earbuds have a remote control. The earbuds have a microphone built in that allows calls to be made and received without having to take out your phone. One AAA battery powers the earbuds and can last for 14 hours. The case doubles as a charger and protects the earbuds.

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In response to all the rumors in the tech industry, Carl Pie, ex-co-founder at OnePlus, has announced the first product from his new company, Nothing. The new TWS earbud is called “Nothing ear (1)” and boasts a host of premium features, including ANC, in ear detection, transparent design, and many more.

Lewis Hilsenteger hosted a launch party where Carl Pie presented the first product of his new company. His YouTube channel is Unbox Therapy. The YouTube video embedded below will show you the whole launch event.

When you think about nothing, price and availability are the first things that spring to your mind (1).

The best thing about the launch these new Nothing ear (1) headphones was the simultaneous release for Indian and global markets. It costs $99 for users in the United States. These earbuds are available for purchase in India at Rs. 5,999. Flipkart India will exclusively sell these TWS Earbuds. The sale begins at 12 p.m., August 17th.

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Specifications and Key Features

Let’s look at the key features and characteristics that make this earphone stand out from other earphones in this price range.

  • Design

The Nothing ear comes with a transparent case (1). This new TWS earbud, which is designed to be a market leader in an era where everyone wants to copy the AirPods design is trying to make a name for its self in this world.

Carl Pie said that the company’s first product, Nothing ear (1), was a “breath of fresh air” in a market where people are often overwhelmed and indifferent. The case has a transparent design to keep the headphones safe. I think the best thing about the transparent case is that it allows you to double-check that no earbuds are missing before you leave for your trip.

Like the casing, the earphones have a transparent body which allows us to see the microphone, magnets and circuit boards clearly. I have to admit that the design of Nothing Ear has completely captured my attention (1).

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  • Audio quality and earbuds

To present users with a transparent design, we didn’t forget about the sound quality and comfort of the earphones. TWS earbuds weigh just 4.7g and have an in-ear design that features silicone tips. Touch gestures are also an option. You can also use the earphone for double-tap, triple tap, and slide up/down movements. Bluetooth 5.2 is supported, as well as AAC/SBC codecs.

Teenage Engineering’s 11.6mm dynamic drivers are used in the Nothing (1) to produce a rich, clear sound. To help you find the right earbud, the makers include a red indicator. The TWS earbuds are IPX4 water- and dust-resistant and feature in-ear detection, three microphones, and IPX4 water/dust protection. This is a useful feature for those who get so caught up in the music they forget to take their headphones out before getting into the water.

To improve your call experience, you will also get “Clear Voice Technology”, as well as Active Noise Cancellation to eliminate background noise from your end.

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  • Battery Life

Every earbud user wants to know the battery life of their earbuds. With ANC enabled, the Nothing ear (1) can play music for up to 4 hours and ANC disabled, it can play music for up to 5.7 hours. The case will provide you with 24 hours music playback when ANC is turned on and 34 hours audio playback when ANC is turned off.

According to the company, a quick charge of just 10 minutes will give you 1.2 hour of playback and a case will give 8 hours. This Nothing product supports Qi wireless charging.

  • App for mobile devices

There is no official app for iOS or Android. You can also connect your headphones to the app to update it and add new features. The app also includes transparency mode, Find My Earbuds and two levels of ANC light and maximum.

Let us know in comments if you think these features are sufficient to allow you to purchase this Earbud for Rs. 6000. Are you searching for something different?