10 Amazing Benefits Of Jojoba Oil

1. Moisturizes Skin

Jojoba oil can make your skin soft and supple.

It has a high amount of ceramides, which cover the skin cells and are responsible for their hydration. It gets quickly absorbed into the skin and does not leave behind any oil residue (2). This helps in creating a powerful barrier against moisture loss, allergens, and dust pollution. It moisturizes dry patches and restores the skin health.

2. Treats Skin Disorders

Are you suffering from skin disorders like eczema and rosacea? Jojoba oil to the rescue!

This oil is considered to be a natural cure for eczema. Jojoba oil has anti-inflammatory properties that help in reducing the redness caused by dry skin and other conditions like rosacea (3).

Dip a cotton ball in jojoba oil and apply it directly to the infected area. Do this twice daily for quick relief.

3. Balances Oil Production In The Skin

Jojoba oil works well on oily skin too. It is non-comedogenic and does not clog pores (4). Jojoba oil stops the skin from secreting more oil on its own and balances oil production.

Here’s how you can use jojoba oil to get rid of grease and dirt from your face within no time. Wash your face and pat dry. Rub a few drops of jojoba oil all over your face and neck, and you’re done. Jojoba oil contains many minerals that will give you a healthy and naturally glowing skin.

4. Reduces Wrinkles And Signs Of Aging

In addition to making the skin firm and moisturized, jojoba oil is also effective in reducing the appearance of wrinkles, thus making you look younger.

It is rich in vitamin E, which is potent in eliminating the free radicals that are responsible for skin aging (5). The continuous use of jojoba oil can decrease fine lines and wrinkles by up to 25%. Also, the linoleic acid and antioxidants present in jojoba oil help in regenerating the skin cells.

It is highly effective if used with a face wash or a moisturizing cream. However, direct topical application has proven to show the best results.

5. Effective In Treating Stubborn Acne

Is jojoba oil good for acne? We all are aware that clogged pores often lead to pimples or acne. Many cosmetics that claim to reduce acne contain animal fat, making matters even worse. It’s always better to trust natural products, such as jojoba oil.

Jojoba oil is antiseptic and non-greasy. Hence, it is a very effective treatment for acne. It clears the exposed areas and clogged pores and leaves no scar marks. This also helps in clearing blemishes. The extended usage of jojoba oil reduces the pore size and controls oil secretion, which prevents recurrence of acne (6).

Gently apply some jojoba oil on the affected areas and leave it on overnight. Wash it off with normal water the next morning.

6. Reduces Skin Inflammation

The antibacterial properties of jojoba oil help reduce skin inflammation by killing the bacteria (7). It is also used for healing wounds, cuts, and minor infections like cold sores and warts. Jojoba oil reduces the painful swelling and redness that often accompany an injury. So, don’t shy away from using this amazing oil the next time you suffer from cuts and injuries.

7. Is A Good Makeup Remover

Wondering what makeup remover to use from so many available options? We have the perfect solution! Jojoba oil has good cleansing properties and can be used as a makeup remover and facial cleanser. This oil helps in removing all traces of makeup instantly.

All you need to do is soak a cotton ball in jojoba oil and rub it all over your face and lips. Remove the oil residue from your face with a moist cotton ball afterwards. Jojoba oil is also helpful in removing eye makeup like kohl, mascara, liner, and eyeshadow.

8. Can Be Used As A Body Oil

Jojoba oil can be applied not just on the face, but all over the body prior to bathing. It hydrates your body adequately, so you can safely skip using a body lotion after your bath. It is quickly and easily absorbed into the skin and promotes blood flow, which will make your skin glow (8).

You can also use jojoba oil for body massage. It has a non-greasy texture and pleasant smell that will give you a soothing feeling.

9. Heals Cracked Heels

Worried about your dry and cracked heels? Jojoba oil to the rescue, again!

The regular application of jojoba oil on the feet will keep them smooth and prevent cracked heels (9). For an intense foot treatment, apply the oil and put on your socks. Leave them on for one hour. Your feet will become smooth and soft.

10. Keeps Your Nails Healthy

Many of us have really dry cuticles, and our nails are prone to breakage. This makes it impossible for us to flaunt long and pretty nails. Just rub some jojoba oil on your dry and brittle cuticles every day after your bath.

Jojoba oil has vitamin E that moisturizes the cuticles, reduces breakage, and encourages healthy nail growth (10). It also possesses anti-inflammatory and antibacterial properties that help prevent.