Tasks Performed by a Real Estate Agent in Romania

Real estate agency is a well-known term across the globe. What do they do? Of course! the answer is simple – they help a client buy or sell a property. But is this role that simple?

Well, No! It is far from being a simple task that can be completed in a few simple steps.

A real estate agent helps the client with the understanding of real estate laws, Registries, liabilities of the buyers and sellers, leases of business premises, real estate rights, public law permits and obligations, system of registration, real estate market, etc.

It goes without saying that one must select a real estate agent depending upon their requirement. A real estate specializing in identifying apartments for lease or rent is different from an agent who assists the client with the complete buying and selling of the property.

Given the presence of such complexities in the real estate market, a real estate agent (agency) is the right choice. A real estate broker or agent must possess negotiation skills, market research capabilities, prospecting, making a deal, and also transaction management skills.

Romania is considered to be one of the real-estate havens in the EU region, especially after Brexit. Even though it has a robust housing market, there is a continuous rise in the property or rent prices in various cities of the country. This can be owed to the fact that the average apartment selling price in the capital, Bucharest, has rose up to EUR1,271 per sq. m. This is a steep 2.83% increase from November 2017. Although, this statistic reveals the difference in the property price of Bucharest only, it is no different from other cities in the country.

A thorough and professional real estate broker is quite helpful in such circumstances which involves great negotiation skills and deal making ability. When an expat gets involved in a property purchase, lease, buy or sell activity, he must adhere to the Romanian real estate laws and principles.  A layman may not be able to These intricate details cannot be managed by a layman unless it is intervened by an expert real estate agency.

Of course! there is a fee attached to the service provided by a real estate agency in Romania. Some may call it expensive or absurd but truth be told, the charges are absolutely fair and square. So all realtors, expats and people searching a property to rent, lease or buy, identifying a well-known real estate service provider must be the first and foremost priority.