Employee Engagement

National Road Victim Month takes place every August. This event is intended to raise awareness about driver safety and make roads safer.

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1974’s Health and Safety at Work Act states that employers must take the necessary steps to ensure safety and health for their employees. This includes driving time. Employers are responsible for managing risks associated with employees who drive for work.

It’s crucial that your employees are safe on the roads if they drive to work. As such, taking care of their health is an important part of your overall wellbeing strategy.

With the advancement of technology and cars, safety has become a more important concern. Many new vehicles are equipped with top-of-the-line safety features. The salary sacrifice car leasing program is vital in supporting employees’ safety and well-being, as well as improving productivity and employee engagement. Let’s see how car leasing can benefit both employees and employers.

Employee satisfaction is improved

According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, 72,000 accidents were caused by drowsy driving in the past year. Drowsiness can slow down reaction times and impact a driver’s ability make informed decisions.

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Your employees’ well-being can be supported by making sure they aren’t overworked and burnout. These factors can have a negative impact on their long-term health as well as their driving safety. Your employees’ driving ability may be affected in the short-term, even after a long work day.

Our salary sacrifice car leasing program can help you improve employee satisfaction as well as protect their safety outside the office. Many of our vehicles have autonomous emergency brakes and lane assist.

Manufacturers such as Subaru, Ford, and BMW offer AEB as an option. It is becoming more common to be fitted as a standard. The vehicle’s sensors detect the distance between you and obstacles. The sensor will alert you if it believes that you could crash. The system will apply the brakes automatically if the driver does not respond.

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Another feature that is increasingly common is lane assist, especially in premium cars. Standard lane assist technology alerts the driver if the vehicle has unknowingly crossed into another lane. Lane assist has now been improved. If you are unsure, it can gently nudge the steering wheel to ensure you stay in your lane.

Employers should know that you care about their safety at all times, even driving to work. They will feel valued at work if they feel that you care about them as individuals.

Financial savings

Our salary sacrifice car leasing program offers large financial savings, in addition to improving employee engagement.

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The cost of driving in large cities is starting to be affected by the age of your car. Clean air zones are being introduced in areas like London, Birmingham, and Bristol. Clean air zones provide immediate action to improve the air quality and health of cities, while also reducing pollution. Drivers who produce a lot of pollution will be liable.

New cars are often built with the environment in consideration, which makes them more affordable. Many new cars are exempted from charges for driving unsustainable vehicles.