How To Choose A Business Laptop

Considering the fact that laptop technology is changing at a blistering rate, choosing any kind of laptop can be a daunting task. When you throw into this whole mix the wide array of laptop models and laptop makers from which you have to choose, your decision becomes even harder. Sometimes it helps to break down the whole decision process into key elements which we have to fulfill or solve.

The same goes for choosing a business laptop.

What are the major tasks or chores you want your laptop to perform, such as handling large spreadsheets with ease or doing multi-tasking with a handful of applications running at once? Do you need a laptop which is both light-weight and thin so that it is extremely portable and can be easily carried to the office or on your next business trip? Which wireless connections and options do you need in order to be constantly connected to the web and to your business? Do you want a laptop with long battery life so that it can last throughout the day without recharging?

Once you have figured out all the tasks you want your laptop to perform, you have to find one which can handle those requirements. Thankfully, laptop sellers and laptop makers have classified computer notebooks into different categories which will make your job much easier. Obviously, you won’t be looking for a bulky and heavy “desktop replacement” unless you want a business laptop which will be located in a stationary place like a home office and not used as a portable device. Instead you will be looking in the “thin and light” category or some sellers/makers list these under “business laptops” which should make your job somewhat easier.

However, you still have to pick a laptop to meet your business needs. So here are a few features or factors to check to help you choose the right business laptop for you:

1. Performance – You want a high quality laptop with superior graphics and powerful processor. With the new Intel second generation Quad-core i3, i5 and i7 (Sandy Bridge) processors, most laptops will be able to handle most business applications with ease. Also look for the new “Llano” processors which are a competing Chipset from AMD. Many of these new laptops feature Optimus technology which will give your business laptop much better battery life through switchable graphics.

2. Portable – One of your most important features will be mobility or how portable is the laptop? You want a thin laptop which is lightweight and can be easily carried under your arm or fit snugly in your briefcase.

3. Battery Life – Another consideration is battery life, the longer the better. Many laptops now come with over 7 or 8 hours, sometimes more. Of course, keep in mind, your battery life will also depend on what programs you’re running on your system. Plus, many of the newer laptops will be able to power down so that only a few programs are running and you can save on battery life.

4. Connections – In order to have a truly portable system, you must check out the wireless connections on the laptop of your choice. Such things as WiFi, Bluetooth, 3G, or even 4G WiMAX mobile connectivity in some laptops are now available. If you do a lot of business traveling or work in the field, you must check these wireless connections before you buy.

5. Look and Style – Besides the quality of the laptop build, most potential buyers will want a business notebook that is conservative in style. No flashing lights or neon paint jobs are needed, you want a stylish notebook which will fit nicely in the business environment without turning heads.

While there are other considerations such as price, warranties and return policy of the laptop maker or seller; hopefully considering or checking the factors listed above will make choosing your business laptop much easier. Take your time and shop around before you make your purchase. Choose wisely.