ASUS UL80Vt-A1 14-Inch Thin and Light Black Laptop – True Mobility is Here

For a portable computer that combines both function and form flawlessly, the ASUS UL80Vt-A1 14-Inch thin and light black laptop is truly going to be a tough one to match. When you see what it is capable of, you will be even more amazed by its slim and lightweight size.

Possibly the most exciting thing about this laptop is the battery, which can keep going for up to twelve hours. This is a laptop that really can be taken anywhere. Gone are the days of walking into the cafe looking for the only table next to the outlet.

This laptop is truly a gem for entertainment on the go as well. It features powerful speakers with surround sound, as well as a a wide screen display which is energy efficient while providing a near cinematic display quality. The graphics engine is also state of the art but is optional to use so that you do not need to use it if you want to extend the life of the battery.

If it is work you need this stunning state of the art laptop for, you will be making the right choice. The wireless connectivity is high speed and built in to give you video conferencing and Internet surfing, for example, with no lag time.

The track pad makes navigation a breeze while the keyboard allows you much more comfort when typing. With 4 GB of ram, and a 320 GB hard drive, it is hard to imagine that you will run out of memory anytime soon. And the time to boot up is only 30 seconds.

For mobile power as well as style, the ASUS UL80Vt-A1 14-Inch thin and light black laptop cannot be beat. You will get spoiled so quickly once you start using one of these, you will not be able to believe you lived without it for so long. True portability is finally here and you will thank yourself when you take advantage of it.