Yzma: Background Development

The Emperor’s New Groove originally was Kingdom Of The Sun. This film had a more serious tone and is similar to The Lion King. Yzma was voiced by Eartha kitt at this point but was animated by Andreas Deja. In Kingdom of the Sun, her role was somewhat similar. She was still the villainess and was a member of the royal courts, but she was a sorceress rather than a mad scientist. Kingdom of the Sun was a similar story to Mark Twain’s The Prince and the Pauper. The Emperor (here called Manco) changed places with Pacha (at that point, Owen Wilson) who was, in this version of the story, physically identical to Manco. The beautiful Yzma was once a celebrity for her beauty. The very old Yzma planned to release Supai to plunge the kingdom in eternal darkness. This is illustrated in the song “Snuff Out the Light” which can be found on the soundtrack to The Emperor’s New Groove. Through blackmail, she lures Pacha into her scheme (she witnessed the “switch” of Manco and Pacha). Kronk wasn’t in the story. Instead, Yz Ma and her henchmen are comprised of a talking talisman called Hu Cua (voiced and animated by Nik Ranieri) and three mummies, Mick, Bowie and Lemmy. The climax saw Yz ma summoning Supai, which caused the kingdom to be engulfed. However, the sun then killed the kingdom. Pacha lassoed the sun and pulled it down to Earth.

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Yz ma’s motivation changed from vanity to lust after power and revenge when Kingdom of the Sun became The Emperor’s New Groove. Andreas Development Companies Deja, the animator, was furious about the change and considered the idea for the new film to be a step backward. She moved to Florida to animate Lilo, Lilo & Stitch. Dale Baer took over animation duties for Yz ma.

Eartha Kitt sang “Snuff Out the Light” again, which was performed by Yzma during her Empressship. This was to show that she had not just stolen Kuzco’s Empire and Palace but also his theme song. The film cut “Perfect World (Yz ma’s Reprise)” because it was thought to slow down the story. However, it was used in the Theatrical Trailer.

Yzma Personality

Yz ma, the main antagonist of Emperor’s New Groove, is malicious, funny and silly, as well as being power-hungry. In the first movie, however, it is revealed that Yz ma was raised by Kuzco and his parents. She has also been a chemist and advisor to his family for many decades. Kuzco suddenly and callously fires her. She then decides to kill him and fill the power vacuum that he left behind, becoming empress. Kuzco’s personality flaws are also attributed to her as she was the one who raised him.

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However, Yz ma is also quite comically eccentric. Despite her apparent age, she considers herself the most beautiful person on the planet. Some even compare her to a ugly dinosaur. She was quite attractive in her youth. This is evident when she transforms into a teenager by using the fountain of youth. But her age has reduced her appeal. She often creates complicated plans in order to harm Kuzco. Then she settles on a simpler plan. One example of her plans was for Kuzco to be a flea. She would then put Kuzco in a box, put the box in another box, and mail it to herself. However, she changed her mind and decided to save on postage. She often forgets to notice the smallest details which leads to her plans being stopped.

Her catchphrases include “It’s brilliant! Brilliant! Brrilliant To Secret Lab To the education development Secret Lab Pull lever Kronk Wrong lever! Kronk pulling the wrong lever can cause her injury.

Despite her bad traits, she has shown some goodness. Evil and Eviler: When she hired Miss Ni as Kuzco’s exterminator, she became so upset that she decided to save him.

Physical Appearance

The Emperor’s New Groove shades of purple are reserved almost exclusively for Yz ma (her Secret Lab, the Palace when she is briefly Empress). It is also a common colour that is associated with madness and royalty. Yz Ma’s angular form is meant to reflect her evil nature. Early designs show a more pointed, jagged figure. Cruella De Vil’s similar angular shoulders and hips inspired Yz Ma’s design. Kronk also shows her to be very frail. This saved her from being crushed under a chandelier. Kronk implied that this is not how it usually turns out. Dale Baer noted that Eartha Kitt’s portrayal of Yzma influenced many of the character’s physical mannerisms. Yzma was also based upon singer Yma Sumac (the “Inca princesse of Hollywood”); Sumac may have inspired Yzma to wear an extravagant and varied wardrobe.

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On her first appearance, she wears a purple and black dress with an indigo feather-like hairstyle, blue earrings and a purple frilled collar. She wears a grey long-sleeved dress with a tight skin and a black-feathered hairstyle when she smashes Kuzco statues with a mallet. Yz ma’s final appearance in the film is a purple long dress with a violet bowl-shaped wig and matching scarf. Black sandals are her favorite and she has long, red-colored nails. Yzma wore a purple sleeveless gown, a purple hat, purple development programs/ earrings and purple sandals in the television spinoff The Emperor’s New School. She wore a gray wig with a tie, and a light purple blazer. She wore a light purple skirt and purple belt with glasses.