Industrial Engineering Technology

What do Industrial Engineering Technology graduates do? What do Industrial Engineering Technology Graduates Do?

Industrial Engineering Technology Graduates

Learn how to efficiently use materials and personnel in factories, shops, repair shops, offices, and other places.

Plan the layout of machinery and equipment, prepare statistical studies and analyze production costs.

Collaborate with others to solve problems relating cafeastrology to a work area, the layout of a building, the flow and distribution of materials within a facility, production planning, control, safety of workers and quality control.

Utilize industrial engineering technology principles to maximize the quality of your products and services and minimize costs.

  • Integrate people, materials and equipment into a system by designing, improving, and installing.
  • Recommendations for changes to operation, material handling or equipment layout.
  • Famous Industrial Engineers

Lillian Gilbreth, a distinguished engineer who is credited with many industrial “firsts,” including the design of kitchen and household appliances for maximum efficiency.

Henry Ford, founder of Ford Motor Company and father to modern mass-production assembly lines

Timothy Cook, director at IBM and CEO Apple. He was responsible for worldwide operations and sales.

Edward Whitacre, Jr., chairman and CEO at AT&T, General Motors Company

Important Skills

  • Problem solving skills: Learn how to use basic engineering principles to solve difficult technical problems.
  • Communication skills: Meet with engineers or management to establish quality and reliability standards.
  • Communication skills: You must be able understand and follow directions, as well communicate with supervisors.
  • Design skills: Create charts, graphs, or diagrams to show workflow, routing, floor layouts and how materials are handled.
  • Think critically about how workers do operations like maintenance, production, or service.