These are our top tips for great gift voucher design

Gift vouchers are becoming a more popular tool for businesses to increase repeat customers. Gift vouchers increase brand loyalty and guarantee a customer in a near future. Even better, you can create custom gift vouchers for your business that will be a great gift to give as a gift. VOUCHAIN is a decentralized infrastructure that allows retailers and shopping centers to issue and manage vouchers. This provides tangible benefits and efficiency throughout the value chain.

These are the top tips for designing your vouchers.

Secure gift vouchers with security features
Gift vouchers can be stolen and printed by anyone. This is the biggest risk. There are many security options that you can use to protect your gift voucher design. These include holograms and heat reactive inks. These security features, if used properly, can enhance the professional look of your gift voucher.

Your voucher design should be clear and simple
Instead of trying to fit too much information on the voucher’s front, consider what is most important. A lot of text can make your voucher less attractive and confusing. You can easily add any additional terms and conditions to the voucher’s back.

Select the right material
There are many options for how big your vouchers can be and in what format they come in. There are many options for size and format. You can choose from smaller vouchers that fit on a business card or slips that fit in a cheque-book. To ensure quality, you should choose paper above 150gsm. However, card stock is more durable.

Tracking is a method of tracking.
It is also important to decide how you will track the cards that you hand out. You can order vouchers in fixed denominations such as PS5, PS10, and PS20. The printing company will usually provide a numerical system that allows you to track the cards issued and redeemed. You can also choose a design that allows for you to directly write the amount on the card after it is issued. Consider where you’ll be writing the amounts, regardless of which method you choose.