What You Should Know About Selfie Sticks

As the practice of taking selfies continues to gain popularity, new devices keep appearing in the market to facilitate this hobby of numerous people, allowing them to take snaps from odd angles even under difficult circumstances. One such device is a selfie stick.

The selfie sticks that we get today are far better than their predecessors and very easy to use. Here are some of their features:

Lightweight and compact

These are very compact and lightweight, making it easy to carry them around while traveling.

Taking snaps even in crowds

Now you can easily capture moments, even while surrounded by a crowd, by raising the stick over the heads of people around the object to be photographed.


When you happen to be at a private party or a public gathering, where you are permitted to take snaps, you can record the proceedings by using this stick for long intervals of time without straining your arm.

Creative snaps

The use of selfie sticks enables you to enhance your creative skills by taking shots from odd angles which are not possible otherwise. The manufacturers of cameras and selfie sticks provide helpful guides for improving your creativity.


Though introduced rather recently, there has been a tremendous development in the design and features of selfie sticks. Depending on the type of your camera and smartphone, you can get a product that best answers all your requirements. Here are some of the more popular models available at present:

Simple monopod (without any Bluetooth or cable)

Initially, this kind of selfie stick required no cable or connection through Bluetooth. Primarily, it was designed to grasp a camera or smartphone for long intervals of time while shooting videos or taking snaps in the wild or crowded places.

Connected with integrated cable

In comparison to the monopod model, this design is superior. It incorporates an integrated cable which connects your smartphone to a monopod. What makes this design superior is the fact that it offers you the flexibility plus comfort while taking snaps with the mere touch of a finger. The limitation is that it needs to be plugged into a cable for connecting to the smartphone, and that it becomes visible towards the end of the stick.

Having Bluetooth shutter

To further improve the design of selfie sticks, manufacturers stated making use of the Bluetooth technology. The outstanding benefit of this design is the fact that it includes an exclusive Bluetooth shutter, offering more flexibility and thus making it more convenient to take snaps. The drawback is the fact that you must have a Bluetooth shutter with you at all times, in the absence of which you can’t take photos.

In combination with Bluetooth

Selfie sticks with this design have so far been the most appropriate and sophisticated since the introduction of this device for use in conjunction with cell phones. Involving Bluetooth technology, this design facilitates the taking of snaps quickly by merely pressing a button provided on the handle of the stick. It gets paired with a smartphone through Bluetooth, and is suitable for working with support systems like Android3.0 and iOS4.0.