Top Vacation Courses to Benefit From This Summer

Summer vacations are a few months away, but it is time for you to start planning on how to spend the 2 precious months. Yes, this is important for 2 reasons:

• Avoid Summer Slide
• Learn something new

Let’s start by understanding what a summer slide is. A summer slide is nothing but loss of academic skills and knowledge over the course of summer vacation. It is therefore important that children are constantly in touch with academic subjects. This is possible by way of summer camps and courses that pique their interest and make the experience a joyful one.

With so many summer courses on offer, it is important that parents and children make a wise choice. How is it possible – you may ask. It is not. However, parents and children have choices –

• Choose whichever is wallet friendly and piques the child’s interest OR
• Choose a summer program that will help the child grow better.

Be it either of them, the choice of the summer course is still a tough one. Parents need to look at the topics covered, the learning outcome, the duration of the course and the price involved.

But my point of discussion is not this. It is to give you a intro to the various courses that are on offer these days for you to be able to make the right choice.

1. Foreign languages – French, German, Spanish are the hot choices of the day and here’s your chance to learn it. Summer courses range from a month to two, depending on the learning outcome and the syllabus covered.

2. DIY electronics, robotics – Yet another course to pique one’s interest. These DIY kits are usually supervised by elders/experts who will come to your home and help the child explore and learn.

3. Dance, drama – these courses are designed to keep your children active and learn a new art form within a short span of time. Many of the summer courses offered by noted dance academies’ have a competition/talent hunt at the end of the session.

4. Mental Mathematics – mathematics is a subject that usually drives children nuts, but this need not be the case anymore. As the name suggests, mental mathematics is a learning technique that helps children do mathematical calculations in their mind – faster, thereby helping them ease out and be happy.

5. Cookery – you may be surprised to see cookery on the list, but this is a hobby course that gets children running with much enthusiasm these days. Children want to explore the world of cooking and are always interested to try something new every time.

With options that is not limited to a single area of learning, children have lots of opportunities to learn and grow and make the best use of the time in hand.