Things to do when using air

Things to do when using air-conditioning unit, so as not to be easily damaged!

Wear and tear is a common phenomenon in all equipment after long-term use, especially for equipment such as air-conditioning equipment that most of us use every night and continue to run for several hours. This will cause the air conditioning unit to wear out easily. Although thirst is a common phenomenon in all devices, you can take measures at any time to make your air conditioner last longer:

Buy a small air conditioner

When buying a unit: Do not buy large aircon.

Some people may think that having a larger or larger air conditioner can help cool the room faster, but this is not the case. Larger air conditioners cannot even lower the humidity in the room or cool the room evenly throughout the room.

When choosing an air conditioner for your home or office, be sure to consider the size of the room that will be stored in the air conditioner before proceeding to select the appropriate air conditioner type and size. For cheap aircon servicing Singapore, please visit our website .

Turn on the air conditioner and close the doors and windows!

When using the air conditioner, remember to close the doors and windows of the room to prevent cold air from coming out. If it remains open, the room will not be cooled, and the air-conditioning cost will be higher.

Use a programmable thermostat

In Singapore’s hot and humid weather, everyone sweats and gets angry easily. We all want to walk into the cooling room after a day of work. With a programmable thermostat, you can turn on the air conditioner before entering the room. Do not set the air conditioner to the lowest setting, as it will help cool the room faster. In fact, it will only overuse the power unit, leading to an increase in electricity bills. Remember that setting a lower temperature will not speed up the cooling process at all. The air conditioner will cool down at its own speed.

Use electric fans at the same time

If the weather is not hot or humid, why use air conditioning? Most people think that with air conditioning, you no longer need an electric fan. But if it’s not hot, why not skip the air conditioner, save energy costs and use only electric fans? Why waste electricity by turning on the air conditioner all day? You can actually turn on the air conditioner and the electric fan for several hours at the same time, which can actually keep the room cool for the next few hours. Do not believe? Try it, but remember to close the door or window.

Always remember to take care of your unit

Regular maintenance of your equipment is very important to ensure that your air conditioner is used for a long time. Every month, remember to clean the filter and evaporator coil. Routine air checks should be performed every 3 months. Since maintaining it in person can be tedious, you may wish to participate in our air conditioning service to maintain your equipment, and they will also help check signs of air conditioning complications. You may think that this repair cost is an additional cost, but in the long run, it will help you save more money because the repair cost is more expensive!