Medical tourism hair restoration

The cysts of hair restoration procedures have always varied not only depending on the surgeon performing the procedure or institution, buy also depending on the country where the procedure is performed.  Many patients of hair loss from some of the developed countries often travel the world to some countries to seek treatment for their conditions where they can pay less for the procedure. The cost of hair transplant is not affordable to all and any slim opportunity of getting the same at a lower cost is very tempting. Millions of people are said to be affected by hair loss problems with about 40million men and 21 million women affected by baldness.

Hair loss among individuals is mainly due to hereditary genes. However, a person’s lifestyle as well as his environments also has an effect on his hair growth. Bad habits like smoking and improper diet also affect an individual’s hair growth in a negative way. The quality of water that we happen to consume also affects our hair growth along with some other factors as well.

India has become a popular destination for medical tourists seeking out for cosmetic surgeries, these being quite affordable in India compared to what is offered within their own country.  A majority of medical tourists coming to India are mainly for treating cancer, heart surgeries, neurosurgery etc. Cosmetic surgery has also become quite popular in India as its cost effective and a lot more affordable than what the surgery costs in other countries like USA, UK etc.

Within India Hyderabad is the most sorted destination for cosmetic surgeries like hair transplant. However, the cost of living in the city being on the economical side, the clinics have kept the cost of hair transplant in Hyderabad within the bounds of normal middle class people. But, it is advisable to people who are going to opt for hair transplant surgery in Hyderabad to go for proper medical counselling before committing to any surgery.

Hair loss does not only affect individuals’ physical appearance, but also the emotional stability. Emotional distress is an accompaniment of hair loss as the affected people interact with their colleagues and friends while undertaking their career, interpersonal relationships and social life. This is what makes people have the urgent urge to restore their hairs. The costs of hair transplant procedures however vary in different parts of the world. Developing countries seem to charge lower costs for hair transplants as compared to developed countries. This is what has led to medical tourism. In India you can find major metro cities like Mumbai, Bangalore, Delhi etc. that offer hair transplant at its best quality. Hyderabad popularly known as the “hi-tech” city has a good number of reputed clinics providing advanced hair transplant surgery techniques. These clinics are state of the art with adequate facilities for their patients.

In as much as performing hair transplant could be expensive forcing people to seek cheaper alternative locations, cheaper often comes with consequences. Hair transplant itself is a medical procedure that needs to be performed at the highest level of professionalism and if there is failure in performing the procedure up to the requisite standards, it may lead to greater risks. By cutting corners and banking on saving some money out of the costs can only end up undermining the expected results that are anticipated by the patients.

Since there is a large number of people preferring medical tourism, offshore physicians have had to deal with a large number of surgeries therefore making it close to impossible a doctor devoting him/herself to an individual patient. This lack of attention to a patient then leads to the tendency of rushing through detailed transplant procedures which compromises quality. The results that are attained are expected to last an individual’s lifetime. This makes quality a priority above anything else; not even the cheap cost of the surgery. Corrections of poor surgical results of a low cost hair transplant would need more money and resources; the best way so far to avoid this is by performing the transplant in the right way, giving priority to quality rather than cost to evade bad experience trauma.

Poor results in hair transplant is also very common with so many failures reported, especially by those who ride behind reduced costs of the procedure.The botched results are waste of money and hair grafts and follicles. 

Requirements for the best results for hair transplant

Despite the fact that medical tourism is a preferred option, the results gotten from the procedures may be not favourable. Patients therefore need to get self education in factors which go into such results.

  1. Careful selection of hair follicles. This selection can only be done by a doctor who makes decisions that are supported by a vision for a specific patient. Some hairs are supposed to be thin to create outcomes which cannot be detected. This process of selection of the right kinds of hairs need not be rushed.
  2. Correct handling of follicles after their extraction from the donor area. Damage to the hair follicles affect their growth and survival ability.
  • While attending to the patients, the doctor needs to insert hair follicles in the areas that are bald in accordance to the natural growth pattern. The performer of the surgery needs to understand various angles or orientations of the head. Those individuals that settle for medical tourismmay end up not getting the services of a doctor with a good understanding, which may be disastrous.
  1. An artistic eye by the physician is also necessary for the creation of a good looking hairline. A bad hairline often gives unnatural looks that may thereafter lead to multiple surgeries to correct the situation.

There are concerns that arise after a hair transplant such as side effects and other complications that sometimes require the patient to consult his/her doctor. This can however not be easy for a patient who had to seek treatment in a far away country from where he/she stays.The follow up after a transplant should be done by the original doctor who performed the procedure since he/she would be the one conversant with the details and procedure used in the surgery of the patient. This management factor remains the main hurdle to Medical tourism because of the unpredictability of results.

Individuals should therefore consider using medical options that are affordable but convenient for follow-ups and potential great results. Seeking medication in an accessible place in spiteof the high charges might have great long-term results as compared to medical tourism whose cheapness may come with loads of consequences.