How Cabinet Refacing Can Help Homeowners Save Money During A Kitchen Renovation

Undertaking a kitchen renovation can get very expensive. Transforming an old beaten up kitchen to something that looks new and beautiful requires a lot of planning, hard work, and budgeting. Being smart and finding ways to save a few bucks by looking into money-saving options will bring down the total cost of the kitchen renovation. One lesser known kitchen renovation technique worth considering is the cost savings of cabinet refacing.

What Is Cabinet Refacing?
If this is the first time you’ve heard the term, don’t worry not many homeowners about this technique. What happens during a cabinet refacing is instead of tearing out the entire existing cabinet the frames are left on their spot and covered with a new layer of laminate or wood. Only the hardware and doors are replaced with new ones that match the frame cover. This allows homeowners to save thousands and still get a kitchen that looks entirely new!

Reasons Why Refacing Is Better Than Replacing
Since you want to have a brand new kitchen is it really worth it to skip on replacing the cabinets? Here are some of the best reasons why refacing is a better option than replacing:

1. Cheaper Labor Costs
Depending on who is doing the renovations, you can significantly pay less for labor when you choose refacing over replacing cabinets. Workers do not have to tear apart the frames, which require hard manual labor. Instead they just take out the drawers, doors, and hardware which can all be done using a handy screwdriver.

2. Faster Progress
Since you eliminate the need to breakdown the entire cabinet, the time frame to finish the kitchen renovation is also cut short. You can add this to the cost savings of cabinet refacing. The less time your contractor and their team spend on renovating your kitchen, the more savings you earn!

3. Less Waste
There are some cities and states that charge fees for dumping waste and they usually charge by weighing the trash. By choosing refacing you create less waste that weighs significantly less which means you avoid those disposal fees. Also keep in mind that during a renovation project you may need to rent a truck for your old kitchen fixtures, without the added bulk of an entire kitchen cabinet you also save money because you won’t need a large truck.

4. Choice Of New Door and Hardware Material
One of the biggest advantages of refacing a kitchen cabinet is the freedom to mix and match different materials. You can choose from solid wood, wood veneer, and laminate as the materials. You can mix up the materials for the drawers and doors to fit your budget. You can have an expensive exterior like solid wood doors but have laminate drawers since they are out of sight. You do not get this freedom to cut prices on materials when installing a whole new cabinet.

The cost savings of cabinet refacing is huge. Considering this option will give you the chance to significantly cut down costs during the kitchen renovation so bring up this option with your contractor on your next meeting.

Cabinet refacing is a cost-efficient solution for homeowners who want to give their kitchen a fresh look. Find out about cost savings of cabinet refacing at