MangaSee: Is a simple app that allows

It was built using Flutter


  • Simple manga reader app for MangaSee.
  • Remember that this is my first time using Flutter.


  • Flutter was something I wanted to test, so I needed an app that allowed me to read mangas on my iPad.
  • I’ve combined these 2 items and we’re here.

The app

  • This app makes use of an integrated web scraper to provide data from MangaSee.
  • The app is currently working without any major problems, but only these basic features are available:

Search page: This is where you can search for a particular manga. However, it only works with MangaSee titles. So, for example, you won’t be able to find “Demon Slayer”, but you will need to search for “Kimetsu no Yaiba”.

All mangas on MangaSee will be GOLSN displayed alphabetically if you press the search button without entering any keywords.

Manga page: Once you click on a manga golsn, you’ll see basic information (cover, title status, genre, and chapters). The star icon in the upper right black widow bows corner will let you save the manga to your Library (it’s basically a favourite button).

  • You can save a manga to your library to keep track of the chapters you have read/not read.
  • Library page: Here you can see all of your mangasee saved.

MangaSee has been having problems (sometimes) with server loads. I coded this app so that the “Search” button will save the entire JSON of mangas to its local Database and concurrent requests will read from it, instead of requiring a new scan. The cached results will expire within 24 hours. This is because MangaSee’s search page is very heavy and each request would be a huge burden on their servers.

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