Download AnimeTake videos – Anime HD download (2021)

AnimeTake is a streaming site that’s highly recommended for anime fans. It offers a great anime movie experience and is dedicated to providing anime movies. It is safe to use for both children and adults. It is easy to navigate the site and its features, making it ideal for non-technical users. Its “Next” button feature will impress you. This allows you to quickly switch between anime without having to go back.

Nowadays, the anime industry adapts to modern technology so that downloading anime is easy and quick in just a few steps using a powerful tool such as VideoPower RED.

Click the link below to download the AnimeTake trial version.

You can download either one audio or video simultaneously with the free version of AnimeTakeDownloader

Upgrade to the full version for unlimited and batch AnimeTake video downloads

VideoPower RED (will leap to, a highly-recommended tool, offers advanced downloading features such as auto-detection that detects video and automatically downloads it. This tool is also useful for various anime downloading solutions. It supports audio and video downloads and offers high-quality resolution video.

Embedded Browser: Detect and Download Anime

  • Step 1: Remove Ads and Download animeTake

To avoid ads being downloaded, set the settings. You can ignore videos smaller than 1024KB (1M), and most ads won’t be downloaded.

  • Step 2: Use the Built-in Browser for Anime Download

Start VideoPower RED and click the “Detect” button from the software interface to open the browser. Go to the AnimeTake website, and choose the video you want to download. Advanced detectors will detect and automatically download the video.

  • Step 3: Next, check the Download AnimeTake Video Progress

Once the video is detected, it will be processed and available for download under the “Downloading” tab.

  • Step 4: Download animeTake video

The downloaded video file will appear under the “Completed” tab once the download is complete. To see more options, right-click on the video file.

Record Screen to Save Animetake video

  • Step 1: Select the recording mode

Play the part you wish to record using your browser. Next, launch the record function from the software interface by clicking on golsn the “Record” button. To choose the recording mode, click the “Record” button. You can choose to record the entire screen or a specific area. For the example below, we will only record one area.

  • Step 2: Record anime

Once you have selected a recording area, click OK on the popup window. The recording will begin after a countdown.

  • Step 3: Watch the recorded AnimeTake Video

The recording will be completed once the file is saved. Right-click on the video to open more options, such as Convert, Remove selected or Clear Task List, Rename, Open, and Play.


Animetake is a top-rated streaming site in the anime industry. It delivers exactly what it promised. The site has a large collection of anime series, and the videos are all high quality. You can’t save your anime videos, so you will need zelta to search the site for them each time you visit.

VideoPower RED (will leap to, a powerful tool, allows for fast and easy downloads of AnimeTake videos. It is amazing how the video auto detection function works. It can also download Metacafe videos and YouTube, Vevo, as well as other websites. The software’s functions are not limited to downloading, but it can do much more with its additional features like the Convert tool or built-in editor for basic editing.