Omron HJ-203 With Activity Tracker – The Newest Pedometer

The Omron HJ-203 Pocket Pedometer with Activity Tracker is the latest and best pedometer from Omron. The HJ-203 offers new features that the previous Omron Walking Style Pedometers do not have such as activity tracker, auto stride calculation, battery sleep mode, and a 10,000 step symbol. For those who like colors, the HJ-203 comes in black, purple, pink and yellow.

The activity tracker allows you to track exercise results for a specific time period so you can see the results of your timed exercise. It only tracks one activity measurement at a time. On older pedometers, you had to record the start and stop step readings for the activity and subtract the two to find the results for your activity. Now you just push the “Action” button on the Omron HJ-203 for two seconds and it starts recording the activity. Push the “Action” button again for two seconds to end the activity.

The auto stride feature calculates your optimum stride length after you enter your height into the pedometer. You can also measure your stride and enter it into the HJ-203 if the calculated stride length is not your correct stride length.

After five minutes without a button push, the display turns off. However, the unit is still functioning and counting steps. This saves the battery since illuminating the display is the major drain on the battery in a pedometer.

10,000 steps is an accepted goal for steps to take in a day. The Omron HJ-203 has a symbol that turns on to celebrate your achievement of taking those 10,000 steps.

The Omron HJ-203 features a 2D smart sensor technology that allows you to know precisely when you are taking a step. It is more accurate than any other pedometers that use a simple pendulum design. Many older pedometers had to be worn on the hip on your waistband or belt. The HJ-203 works well when carried in your pocket, in your purse, or hung around your neck. It conveniently helps walkers keep track of their day-to-day fitness achievements.

The Omron HJ-203 continues to contain the basic features of the Omron Walking Style pedometers:

  • Tracks step count, distance walked, calories and fat grams burned
  • Has a 99% accuracy range
  • Can be placed in pocket, bag or hung around the neck
  • 7-day memory – Stores seven days of information
  • Features a clock and automatically resets at midnight

This pedometer weighs 0.7 ounces including battery. It measures 2 3/4 inches high by 1 3/8 inches wide and 3/8 inches thick. The battery life is estimated at one and a half years when used four hours per day. The Omron HJ-203 has a low battery indicator that tells you when to replace the battery.

When you buy the HJ-203, it comes with:

  • a clip to secure the unit to your belt or waistband
  • a safety strap to secure the pedometer so if it falls out of your pocket or off you belt, you will not lose it.
  • the battery (CR2032) which is already installed
  • a screwdriver for opening the battery cover to replace the battery
  • an instruction manual

The Omron HJ-203 is an outstanding pedometer. Omron has learned from the previous Walking Style Pedometers it built and has included features that pedometer uses wanted. I predict that the HJ-203 will surpass the Omron HJ-112 as the best pedometer available.

For more information about the Omron HJ-203, read the resource information at the end of this article. May you always hit your 10,000 step goal every day.