What is “OBS Virtual Camera”?

OBS virtual camera allows Zoom and Discord to recognize OBS video sources. This plugin was originally introduced by OBS Studio as a third-party plugin. However, it is now included in all OBS Studio versions.

This feature allows you to create a custom scene within OBS Studio using overlays, effects and other media. These scenes will be displayed during the video call. OBS Virtual Cam can be used for webinars, conferences and company presentations.

OBS Virtual Camera can connect to almost any video-calling software such as

  • Discord
  • Skype
  • Zoom
  • Teams
  • Slack
  • Hangouts

OBS Virtual Camera: Setting up Scenes

You can create overlays in your live video using OBS Studio and SLOBS. You can also add animations, graphs, and emoji popups to your live video.

As we have already mentioned, OBS’s source box uses the layer system. Layer different options into your scene. If you wish to create an effect such as snow falling on the screen, for example. In the layer list, ensure that the snow media source is not below your camera source.

Use the + option to add any device that you use for a webcam. You have the option to choose from the list of sources that can be added to a scene. The video capture device option will be used to install the webcam. The preview screen will display the video. This is where you can change the size of your video.

You can add additional scenes to change what viewers see. You can add text to a scene by creating another one and then adding a text layer in the source box. You can adjust any layer you add to a scene to suit your needs.

Use a virtual green screen as a background

You can use a background for Zoom, Teams, or any other program that uses the same color sequence as a green screen to create a background behind your video. This will help you block out all the noise in the room, except you. This is often better than Zoom’s background removal feature.

OBS allows you to add an image to the green screen. You can also add the image to the virtual backdrop option within zoom. Next, add windows capture source in the OBS source menu, then select zoom.

In the OBS preview window, you’ll see your green screen and your video. Next, add a chromakey filter to your video source. Adjust the values as needed for your video. For a deeper tutorial, please visit this page.

Before you start

To get started, you will need to install the following free software. Although not required, some of these tools will help you expand your options for video sources.

  • OBS Studio. OBS Studio is required to use the “OBS virtual cam” option in your IM or video conference software. You will also need to download the Streamlabs OBS and SLOBS Apps if you wish to use the “OBS camera” option.
  • NDI Tools. NDI Tools are required to be installed on your computer if you want to capture the screen of another computer.
  • OBS-NDI plugin. To receive the NDI signal from OBS, you will need to install it.
  • VLC Media Player. Multi-video play.

(2021 Update) You don’t have to install a virtual cam plugin for OBS. It is already supported by the software.

Use OBS Virtual Camera in Skype (Video Source: File)

This section will show you an example of an OBS Skype virtual camera. As the source of the virtual camera, the example will use a video file. Follow these steps to share your movie, artwork, or other video files with your partner in Skype.

1. Open Skype and update to the latest version.

2. Install and Open OBS Studio. Add a new source to the “sources” panel and select “Media Source.”

3. Choose your video in the pop-up window “Properties”. If necessary, tick the “Loop” box. You can now see the video playing repeatedly in the OBS preview area.

4. Open Skype and go to “Settings”, “Calling”, “Advanced”, “Allow NDI Use”, enable it.

5. Go to the settings and select “Audio & video” for the “Camera”. You can now see the cover for the static image.

6. Return to OBS and click the “Start Virtual Camera” button in the “Controls” panel. You can now see the video in the Skype settings panel. Sometimes the video will be in a mirror effect but your partner will still see it in its normal direction.

7. Now, call someone and they’ll see the OBS video.

These are the steps to enable OBS virtual camera in Skype using a video file. This also works with Zoom, Microsoft Teams and Google Meet.

You may wish to play a set of videos via a Skype virtual cam in some cases. Next, we will need to select another video source. Follow these steps:

8. Start the VLC player and restart your OBS.

9. You can create a new scene or delete the “Media Source”, which you created in step 2.

10. Select the “VLC Video Source” option to add a source.

11. You can choose your video and add a directory in the pop-up window “Properties”.

You will then see a list (from your directory), playing as the source of the virtual camera.

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