It’s Easy to make a video with Pictures

Movavi Video Editor is a quick and easy to use program. The Movavi software is the best software for making the memorable video with the pictures and audio files. The people can easily make the impressive video with different pictures, audio files, and other effects. The user easily interfaces with this software and create the best collection of photo video. Some time user is confusing in how to make a video with pictures, then the Movavi video editor is best and free software for making the video with pictures.

Steps for making a video with pictures:

Step 1:  You can download the Movavi Clip making software from the online platform.  After the downloading, install the Movavi video editor software on your pc.

Step 2:  Launch the software, click on media files button and select the files that you want to use in this video. Then, the selected photos show on the video track.

Step 3: After adding Travel photos, you can easily apply the filters on this video. You can click on Filter button, show the different filters option. You can apply the different filter option on a single image.

Step 4: You can also apply transition effects on your pictures. If you want to choose the best transition, then click on Transition button and select the appropriate positions on the timeline.

Step 5:  You can easily add the subtitle to your video. Click on Title button, choose the title style and drag the title track.  If you want to change the title, then double click on the title track and edit the text. After this process, you can add the media files and select the suitable song from the files folder.

Step 6: After the completion of these steps, you can click on Save button and save the video.

Features of Movavi Video Editor:

  • Easy to use and simple: This software is very simple and easy to use. The user can easily use Movavi video editor for making the perfect picture video.
  • Adding different filters and transition: The Movavi software offers the different filter and transition features. The user easily uses the best filter effects in video pictures.
  • Quick export in formats: The video can be quickly exported to other file formats.
  • Improve image quality: With the use of Movavi video editor, the user can easily improve the picture quality.
  • Easy to add title and caption: User can easily add title and caption in the video with the help of Movavi video editor. The caption can be added in different formats such as 3D placard, clean circle, quotes, and ribbons.