Huawei HMS Core App Services

Huawei HMS Core App Services is a Unity merchandise which lets One to pursue revolutionary innovation, produce next-level user encounters, and create superior content and services widely accessible.

The bundle comprises the Game Service Kit, Promotion Bundle, Analytics Kit, Location Kit, and Push Kit. Other providers will be contained with the upgrades, so be certain that you have the most recent edition of the asset. Please follow the directions from the attached document to learn more about the best way best to apply the Huawei HMS Core App services.

Don’t Forget to utilize the Unity Distribution Portal If You Would like to Submit your sport to the Huawei AppGallery. Unity Distribution Portal is also found from the Package Manager. For support or questions, please contact with our service staff.

Game Services Kit

Game Service Makes It Possible to construct basic game functions as Accomplishments, leaderboards, and stored games in reduced prices. Improve efficiency in analyzing, handling, and releasing matches and keep bringing users with constant optimization based on sport information evaluation.

Ads Kit

For high quality and customized advertisements in your program, the Publisher service stage and one of a kind advertising identifiers assist you to operate seamlessly with third party advertisements and monitoring platforms while protecting consumer privacy. Combine our receptive and regulation-compliant advertisement ecosystem to get more out of the program in a faster and easier way.

Analytics Kit

Entirely extracting the value from consumer behaviour and Feature information is crucial for staying applicable with a continuously changing audience. Get more from the information your program collects so that you are able to get closer to the way your customers believe and what they desire.

Location Kit

GPS, Wi-Fi, and base stations triangulate user places Faster and more precisely. Expand your reach round the world.

Push Kit

Your customers need freshness and importance when it comes to Content upgrades. Push instant messages in the cloud to consumer devices.