How to make use of templates to add visual effects to your presentation

No one can deny that nothing makes a presentation or video more captivating and impactful than the right visual effects. With the help of the right graphics and animations, you can make an ordinary video seem like a piece of art. Naturally, when so much can be attained with the help of these features, they would not be easy to avail.

You would be required to go through a rather protracted course to make things happen like you envisioned. A tool has been introduced by Adobe, After Effects, which can enable you to give a professional touch to your videos by adding these graphics and animations. However, the tool is rather complicated to use. Those who are venturing into this field for the first time or are relatively new would find it rather difficult to make head and tail of things.

How to make use of templates to add visual effects to your presentation

So what should one do? Surely, it would take some time before you can begin to comprehend this complicated tool, but there is something that might prove to be of assistance in the meanwhile, which is the After Effect template. This pre-designed template would ensure that you get the necessary knowledge regarding everything that this tool has to offer. With time, you would be able to grasp the technicalities of the tool, after which the need for the templates would be eradicated.

Using a template might confuse you at times. Although most of these templates would come with instructions which would enable you to make use of them properly, let us provide you with some brief steps that might make things easier for you.

The first thing that would be required of you is to select a template that falls in line with your requirements. You would not face any dearth of options in this regard, and you can choose the one that is perfect for your requirements. Once you have found the perfect template for your video, download it to your computer.

Make sure that you have the After Effects tool installed beforehand, or the template would not run. An option of text would be visible on the toolbar; click on it and then select the text you would like to edit. You would simply have to drag and drop from your files.

After this, click on the option of composition and select the option of ‘Add to Render Queue’. A triangle would then appear right next to the option of output menu. Enter the name of your project and click save, select the format and quality that you would like your video to have, and save the settings that you made. Finally, click on the Render option to start the process.

This is not something that you would be able to perform in a second. It would take some time, but the results would make it every bit worth the effort. If you feel that it is taking too long, try to remember that it would have taken considerably longer if you did not have the template to help you.