How to Get Children Used To Wearing a Hearing Aid

If your child needs a hearing aid, you may be wondering how well he or she will tolerate it, or even how often it will get worn. Fortunately, there are a few ways to encourage kids to wear these devices to help them hear. Learn some tips on making sure the device you purchase actually gets used correctly.

Babies and toddlers who have to wear a hearing aid will be used to having the item in their ear by the time they are older. Early on, the hardest part will likely be getting the product in their ear without them struggling or getting upset. You can do this job by distracting them with toys, favorite shows, or snacks while you try to put the device in. If they seem curious about what it is, tell them how it will help them hear better so it is beneficial. If you typically put the item in while they are doing something fun, they may associate it with fun, allowing the process to be easier over time.

Older children often enjoy having some say in what they will be wearing, and that includes a hearing aid. For this reason, you should let them help you pick out the device. Once the doctor lets you know the necessary specifications of the product, you should have a few options to choose from. Your child may be able to select a favorite color since many devices can be somewhat customized when it comes to design these days. This can make kids excited to wear the item.

Of course, answering any questions kids may have can make them feel comfortable wearing devices to help them hear. Once they know their hearing aid will not hurt them, but will actually benefit them, they are usually willing to give it a chance. Make sure they remember how they felt before, when they could not hear well, and let them see the difference the device makes. You can play music when they are wearing it, and then take out the item and play the same music to ensure they see the improvement it can make. They may not be happy about it still at first, but eventually they will get used to wearing the item to help them hear.

If you are nervous about your child having to wear a hearing aid, use these tips, along with advice from your doctor, to ease the transition. Eventually it will be second nature to your child to wear the device. Therefore, just be patient and give him or her some time to adjust.