Choose Appropriate Mobile Accessories

Mobile phones cannot be used alone. Some supporting accessories have to be used in addition to your main handset for effective usage. Wide collections of mobile phone accessories are available in market like Bluetooth headset, charger, car kit, memory cards etc. These accessories play an essential role in using your mobile phone comfortably. Headsets make you free from holding it for a long time while talking. Memory cards offer additional memory storage capacity so that you can store more ring tones, images, video files and MP3 files. You have to know what the mobile phone accessories are to be used with the mobile phones when using one. This article has written with a motive to offer such useful information.

Mobile Phone Covers

Safety becomes important everywhere. Whatever things you buy from shops, they have to be kept safe. In case of mobile phones, everyone used to keep them in their pockets every time. Wherever you go it comes along with you. Therefore there are huge chances for the phone to fall from the pockets, to get scratches or to form dust etc. It is recommended to wrap your handset with the help of mobile covers. Some of the unique advantages of using mobile covers are listed:

o Users can protect your buttons.

o The handset can be kept away from dust and moisture while you use covers.

o Your handset will be saved from sudden falling, scratches and other damages.

o Excessive heat can damage your headset. When you put cover on them the penetration of heat can be eliminated.

Mobile Charger

No one can use mobile phones without this accessory. Mobile charger is needed for recharging your mobile battery. There are 2 types of mobile chargers. One is travel charger and the other is desktop charger. You have to connect your charger with the handset, and both have to be kept on the table. But table chargers are manufactured in a cord form. Travel chargers do not consume more time for charging your mobile. A digital phone takes just 2 hours to charge a lithium Ion battery with the help of travel charger.

Hand-free Kit

This is a unique feature, necessary for those who talks more. When you use hand free kit with your handset, you need not physically hold the unit. A speaker phone is equipped within your handset to support this accessory. This becomes mandatory while you use your mobile during travel. You can be free from the torture of putting the cord around your neck. Another remarkable advantage of using hand free kits is the elimination of harmful radiations. If you prefer sophisticated hand free kits, it is better to seek assistance from professionals.

Car Kit

This car kit accessory is needed for using your mobile phone while you drive a car. It comes with plug and play facility. You can make use of a cigarette lighter adapter for recharging your handset within the car. Users can keep your handset on the cradle.


Doctors have kept on advising not to use mobile phones frequently. This may lead to hearing inability after some years. But it is not scientifically proved. To be on the safer side, it is better to use a headset, in which, a small microphone will be equipped to hear the voice.

Frequently used mobile accessories are explained briefly. While you go for buying them, be aware of the cost as well as basic functions.