CD Jewel Case Covers

Do you want to personalize your CD covers but have limited artistic skills? No worries – with new CD jewel case cover creators, you can mix, match, and manipulate images on your computer to create a unique cover that looks professional! Download the right software, and you’ll be on your way to putting together the CD cover of your dreams, in less than five minutes.

There are a lot of free CD jewel case cover creators available on the Internet, and most of them work like the usual MS Office programs you are used to. There are even versions that work in MS Word – you actually manipulate the elements as you would in a document file. Some free versions work just as great as the cover creators that you need to pay for in order to download. They can create both front and back covers, side spines, and even CD booklets and labels – everything you need! Stock images on free versions of cover creators are quite limited, though, which means you may have to import images from free photo and clip art sites over the Internet or from your own collection.

If you want more manageability and more free images and fonts, you can download CD jewel case cover software for just a few dollars. These CD jewel cover creators have an array of images for any event and occasion and allow you to easily import images from either websites or you own hard drive with easy-to-use thumbnail features. Some CD jewel cover creators also have ready-made templates and a design wizard to get you started easily. You don’t have to retype all your song information either – you can usually easily import text from your play list files.

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